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Bootstrapping with Brad Feld

Tom and Tony of tastytrade talk with Brad about Foundry Group, Techstars and Bootstrapping… Related articles Startup Life Interview With Sandy Grason The Kentucky Thesis How Is Your Q1 Going? ” Feld Thoughts Feld Thoughts

Reid Hoffman – New VC Blogger (Essayist)

Reid Hoffman, founder / executive chairman of LinkedIn and partner at Greylock has started blogging. Well – he’s started writing long form essays on a blog that my understanding is will come out about once a month. The first post is If, Why, and How Founders Should Hire a “Professional” CEO. It is outstanding and I expect…

Know Your Communication Strategy When Raising Money

Today’s interesting post is from Matt Eventoff and talks about how startups need a communications strategy while raising money – not all that dissimilar from a disgraced politician.  Thanks Matt!

Watch Tim Draper Undress

Tim Draper – the co-founder of DFJ – is the latest entrant into the pantheon of VC bloggers.  So far he hasn’t said much, but he did take his clothes off while singing the chorus of his song "The Riskmaster."

Furqan Nazeeri – EIR Blogger

We are always diligently on the lookout for new VC-related blogs for you to add to your reading list.  Today we discovered Furqan Nazeeri, an entrepreneur-in-residence at Softbank Capital Partners.  I came across Furqan while reading Found+Read’s article titled A few more things no one tells you about VC…  Furqan had a post recently titled…

New VC Blogger – Todd Jaquez-Fissori

The FeedBurner Venture Capital Network has expanded to 71 bloggers (with a reach over over 200,000 daily subscribers) by the addition of Todd Jacquez-Fissori.  I’ve known Todd since he lived in Boulder and worked at Boulder Ventures – he’s now at Siemens Venture Capital and has started a new blog titled The Outright VC.  Welcome…

Attack of The VC Bloggers

As the VC Bloggers replicate like tribbles, their mortality (or hibernation) rate is about equivalent to their birth rate.  It’s an interesting phenomenon that I don’t have a name for yet.  Some new VC bloggers include: Chris Fralic of First Round Capital who appears to think he has “Nothing to Say” Tom Cole of Trinity…